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Algebra and Trigonometry (9th Edition)

Algebra and Trigonometry (9th Edition)

Author: Michael Sullivan

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: January 13, 2011

ISBN-10: 0321716566

Pages: 1176

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

As a professor of mathematics at an urban public university for 35 years, I understand the varied needs of algebra and trigonometry students. Students range from being underprepared, with little mathematical background and a fear of mathematics, to being highly prepared and motivated. For some, this is their final course in mathematics. For others, it is preparation for future mathematics courses. I have written this text with both groups in mind.

A tremendous benefit of authoring a successful series is the broad-based feedback I receive from teachers and students who have used previous editions. I am sincerely grateful for their support. Virtually every change to this edition is the result of their thoughtful comments and suggestions. I hope that I have been able to take their ideas, and, building upon a successful foundation of the eighth edition, make this series an even better learning and teaching tool for students and teachers.

Features in the Ninth Edition

Rather than provide a list of features here, that information can be found on the endpapers in the front of this book.

This places the features in their proper context, as building blocks of an overall learning system that has been carefully crafted over the years to help students get the most out of the time they put into studying. Please take the time to review this and to discuss it with your students at the beginning of your course. My experience has been that when students utilize these features, they are more successful in the course.

New to the Ninth Edition

• Chapter Projects, which apply the concepts of each chapter to a real-world situation, have been enhanced to give students an up-to-the-minute experience. Many projects are new and Internet-based, requiring the student to research information online in order to solve problems.

• Author Solves It MathXL Video Clips—author Michael Sullivan works by section through MathXL exercises typically requested by students for more explanation or tutoring. These videos are a result of Sullivan’s experiences in teaching online.

• Showcase Examples are used to present examples in a guided, step-by-step formata. Students can immediately see how each of the steps in a problem are employed. The “How To” examples have a two-column format in which the left column describes the step in solving the problem and the right column displays the algebra complete with annotations.

• Model It examples and exercises are clearly marked with a icon.These examples and exercises are meant to develop the student’s ability to build models from both verbal descriptions and data.Many of the problems involving data require the students to first determine the appropriate model (linear, quadratic, and so on) to fit to the data and justify their choice.

• Exercise Sets at the end of each section remain classified according to purpose.The “Are you Prepared?” exercises have been expanded to better serve the student who needs a just-in-time review of concepts utilized in the section. The Concepts and Vocabulary exercises have been updated. These fill-in-the-blank and True/False problems have been written to serve as reading quizzes. Mixed Practice exercises have been added where appropriate. These problems offer a comprehensive assessment of the skills learned in the section by asking problems that relate to more than one objective. Sometimes these require information from previous sections so students must utilize skills learned throughout the course. Applications and Extension problems have been updated and many new problems involving sourced information and data have been added to bring relevance and timeliness to the exercises.The Explaining Concepts: Discussion and Writing exercises have been updated and reworded to stimulate discussion of concepts in online discussion forums. These can also be used to spark classroom discussion. Finally, in the Instructor’s Annotated Edition, I have preselected problems that can serve as sample homework assignments. These are indicated by a blue underline, and they are assignable in MyMathLab® if desired.

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