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College Physics (9th Edition)

College Physics (9th Edition)

Author: Hugh D. Young

Publisher: Addison-Wesley


Publish Date: January 17, 2011

ISBN-10: 0321733177

Pages: 1152

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

College Physics has been a success for over half a century, placing equal emphasis on quantitative, qualitative, and conceptual understanding.. Guided by tested and proven innovations in education research, we have revised and enhanced previous material and added new features focusing on more explicit problemsolving steps and techniques, conceptual understanding, and visualization and modeling skills. Our main objectives are to teach a solid understanding of the fundamentals, help students develop critical thinking and quantitative reasoning, teach sound problem-solving skills, and spark the students’ interest in physics with interesting and relevant applications.

This text provides a comprehensive introduction to physics at the beginning college level. It is intended for students whose mathematics preparation includes high-school algebra and trigonometry but no calculus. The complete text may be taught in a two-semester or three-quarter course, and the book is also adaptable to a wide variety of shorter courses.

New to This Edition

• New Chapter 0 (Mathematics Review) covers math concepts that students will need to use throughout the course: Exponents; scientific notation and powers of 10; algebra; direct, inverse, and inverse-square relationships; logarithmic and exponential functions; areas and volumes; and plane geometry and trigonometry. This review chapter includes worked examples and endof- chapter problems.

• New margin applications include over 40 new biosciences-related applications with photos added to the text, including those focused on cutting-edge technology. BIO icons signify the bio-related applications.

• Changes to the end-of-chapter problems include the following:
• 15–20% of the problems are new.
• Many additional biosciences-related problems.
• One set of MCAT-style passage problems added at the end of most chapters, many of them bio-related.

The addition of new biological and biomedical real-world applications and problems gives this edition more coverage in the biosciences than nearly every other book on the market.
• Over 70 PhET simulations are linked to the Pearson eText and are provided in the study area of the MasteringPhysics website (with icons in the print text).

These powerful simulations allow students to interact productively with the physics concepts they are learning. PhET clicker questions are also included on the Instructor Resource DVD.
• Video Tutors bring key content to life throughout the text:
• Dozens of Video Tutors feature “pause-and-predict” demonstrations of key physics concepts and incorporate assessment as the student progresses, to actively engage the student in understanding the key conceptual ideas underlying the physics principles.
• Every Worked Example in the book is accompanied by a Video Tutor Solution that walks students through the problem-solving process, providing a virtual teaching assistant on a round-the-clock basis.
• All of these Video Tutors play directly through links within the Pearson eText. Many also appear in the Study area within MasteringPhysics.

• Assignable MasteringPhysics tutorials are based on the Video Tutor Demonstrations and PhET simulations.
• Video Tutor Demonstrations will be expanded to tutorials in Mastering by requiring the student to transfer their understanding to a new problem situation so that these will be gradable and distinct from the
“pause and predict” demonstrations alone.
• Sixteen new PhET tutorials enable students to not only explore the PhET simulations but also answer questions, helping them make connections between real-life phenomena and the underlying physics that explain such phenomena.

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