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Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering

Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering

Author: Saeed Moaveni

Publisher: CL Engineering


Publish Date: April 27, 2007

ISBN-10: 0495082538

Pages: 632

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface


The third edition, consisting of 20 chapters, indudes a number of new additions that were incorporated in response to sugestions and requests made by professors and students using the second edition of the book The major changes include:

. A new section on Engineering Technology
. Additional Ethics Case Studies
. Additiond secdons on M,ffif-AB
” Additional Professional Profiles
” Additiond Impromptu Designs
” Additional Engineering Marvels Case Studies
” Additional problems
” A new website to offer additional information for instructors and students including Power- Point slides for each chapter


This book is organized into six parts and 20 chapters; Each chapter begins by stating its objectives and concludes by summarizing what the reader should have gained from studying that chapter. I have included enough material for two semeter-long courses. The reason for this approach is to give the instructor sufficient materials and the fexibiliry to choose specific topics to meet his or her need. Relevant, everyday examples with which students can associate easily are provided in each chapter. Many of the problems at the conclusion of each chapter are hands-on, requiring the student to gather and analyze information. Moreover, information collection and proper utilization of that information are encoured in this book by asking student to do a number of assignments that require information gathering by using the Internet as well as employing uriditional methods. Many of the problems at the end of each chapter require studena to make brief report so that they learn that successful engineers need to have good written and oral communication skills. To emphasize the importance of teamwork in engineering and to encourage group panicipation, many of the assignment problems require group work; some require the panicipation of the entire class.

The main parts. of the book are:

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