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Experimental Mechanics of Solids

Experimental Mechanics of Solids

Author: Cesar A. Sciammarella

Publisher: Wiley


Publish Date: April 30, 2012

ISBN-10: 0470689536

Pages: 776

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The aim of this book, Experimental Mechanics of Solids, is to provide a comprehensive and in depth look at the various approaches possible to analyze systems and materials via experimental mechanics. This field has grown mostly through ideas, chance and pure intuition. This field is now mature enough that a comprehensive analysis on the nature of material properties is possible. Often we do things without too much thought and experimental mechanics is no exception.

The approach of this book is to break down each chapter into specific categories and provide some historical context so that the reader can understand how we have reached a certain level in the respective fields. The first two chapters provide some insight into the fundamental issues with regards to continuum mechanics and stress analysis that must be clear to the reader so that they may then make the appropriate decisions when performing field measurements. The next three chapters deal with the use and application of strain gages. There has been a lot of work done in this field so the aim was to provide some basic and practical information for the reader to be able to make sound choices with regards to a selection of gage and understanding the conditions for measurements. The remaining chapters deal with optical methods. Here for the first time ever the reader will see the unifying nature behind all these methods and should walk away with a more complete understanding of the various optical techniques. Most importantly, all the various examples that we have done over our careers are shared so that the reader can understand the advantages of one method over another in a given application.

Ultimately this book should serve as both a learning tool and a resource for industry when faced with difficult problems that only experimental mechanics can help solve. It is our hope that the students who read this book will understand what it takes to perform research in this field and provide inspiration for the future generations of experimentalists.

Our thanks go to Kristina Young M.S. who kindly rendered our illustrations.

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