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Manthropology by Peter Mcallister

Manthropology by Peter Mcallister

Author: Peter Mcallister

Publisher: Hachette


Publish Date: 2009

ISBN-10: 0733623913

Pages: Pages

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

No book would ever see the light of day without the dedicated efforts of a team beyond just the author. In Manthropology’s case those instrumental people include the wonderful staff at St. Martin’s Press, particularly Yaniv Soha, whose deft editing will undoubtedly receive the ironic but highest of accolades it won’t be noticed. My sincere thanks go also to my agent, Peter McGuigan of Foundry Media, who saw the project through from beginning to end with unfailing faith and good humor. Gratitude is also due to the many people, expert and lay, who gave freely of their time in interview and conversation. I must also, finally, thank my good friend Richard Shapcott, without whose idle suggestion, made over coffee, this book would never have been written.

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Epub August 30, 2018

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